mAb name/Clone:  ANC10G3

Isotype:  Mouse IgG1k

Immunogen:  Recombinant human Hif1a

INFORMATION: Hypoxia Inducible Factor 1 alpha (Hif-1a) is a transcription factor which accumulates in the nucleus of cells in most tissues which are subjected to hypoxic conditions. There it stabilizes by associating with Hif-1 beta (ARNT).

Clone ANC10G3 binds to recombinant human Hif-1a in EIA, as well as native HIf1a present in nuclei of fixed permeabolized Nalm-6 cells cultured overnight with CoCl2 to simulate hypoxia.  It interferes with binding of anti-Hif1a clone 546-16, suggesting that their epitopes overlap. 

Hif1 References:  1) GL Wang, GL Song, et al. (1993) PNAS  90: 4304

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Catalog #: 335-020
Form: Pur/WA
Size: 100 µg
Alternate Name: Hypoxia Inducing Factor, Hif1a,
Clone: ANC10G3


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