Isotype:  Murine IgG1k

Immunogen: Recombinant human CD279

INFORMATION: Human CD279 (PD-1, Programmed death 1) is a 55 kd Ig superfamily member  with sililarity to CD28 and CD152(CTLA-4).    It is expressed on activated T and B and myeloid cells, and engagement by its ligands PD-L1 (CD274, B7-H1) or PD-L2 (B7-DC) can inhibit proliferation and cytokine expression.  In mice blockade of PD-1 ligand interaction has been used to augment T cell anti cancer responses (3,4,5).

Anti-CD279 antibody clone ANC4H6 binds to CD279 present on PHA activated PBMC in FACS, and binds to recombinant CD279 in EIA.  Pre incubation of recombinant CD279-coated plates with ANC4H6 blocks binding of biotinylated recombinant CD273  in EIA.


1) Ishida et al. (1992) EMBO J 11(11):3887-95. 

2) Carreno BM, M Collins, et al. (2001) Annu Rev Immunol 20:29. 

3) MA Curran, Allison JP, et al. (2010) PNAS 107(9): 4275-80. 

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5) Hirano F, L Chen, et al. (2005) Canc Res 65: 1089.

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