CD273 (B7-DC, PD-L2, Programmed Death Ligand 2) is a 25 kd member of the B7 family and is expressed mainly on a sub set of Dendritic cells.  When engaged it has a stimulatory effect on the expressing DC, and delivers a down regulatory signal to cells expressing its counter receptor, CD279(PD-1).  The interaction of CD273(B7-DC) and CD274(B7-H1) with their receptor, CD279(PD-1) is an important component of immune regulation.

Isotype: Murine IgG2a Kappa

Immunogen: Recombinant  human CD273(B7-DC)

Specificity:  Antibody ANC8D12 binds to recombinant CD273 and cell surface CD273 expressed on monocyte derived Dendritic cells (moDC), and blocks binding of recombinant CD279 to CD273 in EIA and FACS.

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Catalog #: 273-040
Form: FITC
Size: 120 tests
Alternate Name: B7-DC, PD-L2, Programmed Death Ligand 2
Clone: ANC8D12
Applications: FC, EIA, Blocking


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