Isotype:  Rat IgM

Immunogen:  RAW112 cells

INFORMATION: Antibody RA3-3A1 binds to an extracellular epitope of B220 (CD45R), the 220 kD variant of the T200, CD45 molecule present on B cells and B cell precursors.  CD45R is implicated in a signaling pathway that involves motility and dendrite formation (2).


1) Coffman RL, Weissman IL. (1981) Nature 289(5799): 681-683. 

2) Partida-Sanchez S, Santos-Argumedo L, et al. (2000) Eur J Immunol 30(9): 2722-2728.

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Catalog #: 720-030
Form: Biotin
Size: 100µg
Alternate Name: b220, cd45r, CD45R, T200, Ly-5, Ly5, Lyt-4
Clone: RA3-3A1/6.1
Applications: FC


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