ISOTYPE: Mouse IgG1k

INFORMATION: The p75 low affinity human Nerve Growth Factor receptor CD271(NGRF, TNFRSF16) is expressed on a variety of tissue types including a subset of splenic and nodal lymphocytes. Presence of this receptor supports uptake of intracellular calcium, but not mobilization (3). CD271 is a stem cell marker for hematopoietic(5,6,7), stromal (8) as well as cancer cells (9,10).  CD271 has been reported to inhibit differentiation of mesenchymal cells into various lineages(11). 

Antibody ANC271/3D7 binds to recombinant CD271-muIg (cat# 527-020) in EIA, and to endogenous CD271 on cell surface of human Reh cells.


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Catalog #: 271-020
Form: Pur/WA
Size: 100 µg
Alternate Name: p75, Nerve Growth Factor Receptor, TNFRSF16
Clone: ANC271/3D7
Applications: FC, EIA


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