Human CD8 is a heterodimeric protein consisting of an alpha and beta chain, each about 33 kd.  CD8 is expressed on most thymocytes and on about one third of peripheral blood T cells.  CD8 is a co-receptor involved in antigen recognition and binds to the alpha 2 and alpha 3 domain of MHC Class I molecules (3, 4).

Antibodies 14 and UCHT4 (cat #153-020) each bind to a distinct epitope of CD8 and are suitable as a matched pair for EIA using UCHT4 as capture and Biotinylated clone 14(cat# 154-030) as detector.

Isotype: Murine IgG1 kappa

Immunogen: Human thymocytes

Specificity: Antibody 14 recognizes the CD8 alpha chain of approximately 33 kd (1).


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2.  R. Zamoyska, (1994) Immunity  1: 243-246.

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Catalog #: 154-070
Form: PE-Cy7
Size: 120 tests
Alternate Name: T8, Leu2, CD8α
Clone: 14
Applications: FC, EIA(detector)


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