CD274 (B7-H1, PD-L1, Programmed Death Ligand) is a member of the B7 family and is expressed on a variety of tissues including lymphoid cells.  It plays an important role in regulation of T cell activation, and is involved in progression of cancer, arthritis and HIV infection (3).  CD274 binding to its receptor CD279 (PD-1) on activated T cells can decrease proliferation.  Conversely, ligation of CD279 on primed T cells can stimulate IL-10 production.  High levels of CD274 present in Renal cell carcinoma is associated with poor prognosis (1) .  Tumor expressed CD274 can increase apoptosis of tumor specific T cells resulting in better tumor cell survival (2).  Gamma Interferon and PHA can up regulate CD274 expression on T cells.

Isotype: Murine IgG1 Kappa

Immunogen: Recombinant human extracellular CD274(B7-H1)

Specificity:  Antibody ANC6H1 binds to recombinant CD274 and native cell surface CD274 expressed on stimulated PBMC.


1)  Cancer Research (April 2006) 66:3381.

2)  J Molecular Medicine (Feb 2004) 81(5):281. 

3)  Int J Hematol (Nov 2003) 78(4):321.

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Alternate Name: B7-H1, PD-L1, Program Death Ligand
Clone: ANC6H1
Applications: FC, EIA


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