Human CD70 (TNFSF7) is the ligand for CD27 (TNFRSF7) and is notably absent on resting lymphocytes. CD70 is expressed after activation on about 20% of T cells and on about 70% of B cells. Recombinant CD70-muCD8 binds to cell surface CD27 on human peripheral blood leukocytes. Recombinant CD70 constructs have been used to elicit  T cell responses in vitro(6) and in vivo (5).

Molecular Structure:  A soluble molecule consisting of the extracellular domain (167aa) of murine CD8 alpha fused to 146 (c-term) amino acids of the extracellular domain of human CD70, with a predicted monomeric weight of 34.8 kd.  

Sequence for extracellular mature murine CD8alpha: (28) kpqapelrifpkkmdaelgqkvdlvcevlgsvsqgcswlfqnsssklpqptfvvymasshnkitwdeklnssklfsamrdtnnkyvltlnkfskenegyyfcsvisnsvmyfssvvpvlqkvnstttkpvlrtpspvhptgtsqpqrpedcrprgsvkgtgldfacd(194);

Linking amino acids:  gt   ;

extracellular human CD70: (48) lpleslgwdvaelqlnhtgpqqdprlywqggpalgrsflhgpeldkgqlrihrdgiymvhiqvtlaicssttasrhhpttlavgicspasrsisllrlsfhqgctivsqrltplargdtlctnltgtllpsrntdetffgvqwvrp(193).

Transfectant Cell Line:  CHO

Functional Application:  CD70-muCD8 binds to cell surface CD27 on  a subset of T cells


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