Human CD270 (Herpes Virus Entry Mediator, HVEM, TNFRSF14, ATAR, LIGHTR, TR2 ) is a 36kd type I membrane protein that has been found on a broad range of lymphoid tissues.  Its ligands include the TNF Ligand family members LTalpha and LIGHT, and the CD28/Ig Superfamily member BTLA(2).

Molecular Structure: A soluble fusion protein consisting of the extracellular (187aa) domain of mature human HVEM fused to murine IgG2a Fc (233aa) with a predicted non glycosylated molecular    weight of 46.4 kd.

Transfectant Cell Line: CHO 

Functional Application: Human CD270-muIg fusion protein binds to recombinant BTLA and LIGHT in EIA (3).


1) Hsu H, et al. (1997) J Biol Chem 272:13471. 

2) Gonzalez LC, et al. (2005) PNAS 102(4): 1116-1121.

3) Guifang Cai, Gordon J Freeman, et al. (2008) Nature Immunol 9: 176 - 185.

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