The human B cell activating factor (BAFF) and APRIL(a proliferation inducing ligand) are both type II molecules belonging to the TNF superfamily. They are expressed by non-B cells, and are down-regulated by mitogenic stimulation.2  BAFF and APRIL bind to at least two receptors: TACI (transmembrane activator and CAML-interactor) and BCMA (B cell maturation antigen), both of which are restricted to B cells.3,4  Ligation of these receptors with recombinant BAFF dramatically increases IgM production by peripheral blood B cells 1.  Cell surface BAFF can be cleaved to form a soluble trimeric molecule.

Molecular Structure: A soluble molecule consisting of 151 (VQGPEET…c-term) aminoacids of the extracellular domain of human BAFF fused to the extracellular domain (167aa) of murine CD8 alpha, with a predicted monomeric weight of 38.5 kd. A portion of the extracellular region of BAFF  was truncated to amino acid 135 to eliminate a potential protease cleavage site.

 Transfectant Cell Line: CHO BAFF(trn)-muCD8 binds to human cell surface TACI/BCMA/BAFFR (8, 9) .

Functional Application: Human BAFF(trn)-muCD8 binds to human cell surface TACI/BCMA (8, 9).


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