The human B cell activating factor (BAFF) and APRIL(a proliferation inducing ligand) are both type II molecules belonging to the TNF superfamily. They are expressed by non-B cells, and are down-regulated by mitogenic stimulation.2   BAFF and APRIL bind to at least two receptors: TACI (transmembrane activator and CAML-interactor) and BCMA (B cell maturation antigen), both of which are restricted to B cells.3,4  Ligation of these receptors with recombinant BAFF dramatically increases IgM production by peripheral blood B cells1.  Recently a third receptor  for BAFF (BAFF-R) was described.5   Cell surface BAFF can be cleaved to form a soluble trimeric molecule.BCMA-muIg binds to recombinant BAFF-muCD8 and can inhibit binding of this molecule to receptors on Raji cells.

Molecular Structure:  A soluble molecule consisting of the murine CD8 alpha signal peptide( 10 amino acids), extracellular (51aa) domain of human BCMA fused  to the  murine IgG2a Fc (235 aa). 

Predicted non glycosylated monomeric weight: 33 kd. Protein is dimeric and runs at ~70kD in SDS-PAGE under native conditions.


Residual signal peptide and linker amino acids (1) kpqapelrgs(10)

BCMA mature extracellular domain:  (11)agqcsqneyfdsllhacipcqlrcssntppltcqrycnasvtnsvkgtnai(61)

linker + Murine IgG2a Fc + Hinge domain:

(62) gteprgptikpcppckcpapnllggpsvfifppkikdvlmislspivtcvvvdvseddpdvqiswfvnnvevhtaqtqthredynstlrvvsalpiqhqdwmsgkefkckvnnkdlpapiertiskpkgsvrapqvyvlpppeeemtkkqvtltcmvtdfmpediyvewtnngktelnykntepvldsdgsyfmysklrvekknwvernsyscsvvheglhnhhttksfsrtpg(296)

Transfectant Cell Line:  CHO

Functional Application:  BCMA-muIg binds to recombinant BAFF-muCD8 and can inhibit this molecule’s abiltiy to bind to receptors on Raji cells. It has been used in vitro to block binding of recombinant BAFF (6) and function of APRIL (7).


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