Human CD95 (APO-1/FAS) is a type I cell surface glycoprotein that is strongly upregulated on activated T cells, B cells, NK cells and thymocytes (1).  CD95 plays an important role in programmed cell death or apoptosis (2).  Apoptosis appears to be a mechanism for regulating the immune response (3, 4).

Molecular Structure:   A soluble fusion protein consisting of the mature extracellular (159 aa) domain of human CD95 fused to a linker (4 aa) and human IgG1 Fc + hinge (232 aa), with a (non glycosylated) predicted monomeric molecular weight of 44.3 kd.



 linker:  gtyv

Human Ig Fc + hinge:


Transfectant Cell Line:  CHO

Functional Application:  CD95-huIg fusion protein inhibits CD178 mediated apoptosis of Jurkat cells.


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