Immunogen: Activated human NK cells

Isotype: Murine IgG2b

Human CD161 is a homodimeric disulfide-linked type II membrane bound glycoprotein found mainly on NK cells.  CD161 has been implicated in the regulation of NK cell mediated cytotoxicity. CD161 positive TH17 cells are resistant to Treg mediated suppression.(5).

Antibody B199.2 recognizes the dimeric 160 kd CD161 molecule.

Functional Application:  In MLR, blockade with antibody B199.2 caused a slight but significant reduction in the percentage of IFN gamma-expressing NK cells challenged with M. tuberculosis (4).


1)  I.M. Bennett, et al, (1996) J Exp Med 184: 1845-1856. 

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