Human CD147 (EMMPRIN, Basigin) is a transmembrane glycoprotein expressed more intensely on thymocytes than on mature peripheral blood T cells. Expression of CD147 in bronchial epithelial cells has been correlated with incidence of COPD(3).

Isotype: Murine IgG1

Immunogen: Human T cell line Molt 13

Specificity: Antibody UM-8D6 recognizes extracellular epitope 2 within the n-terminal Ig domain (1) of the human CD147 molecule, about 35-40 kd (2)

Functional  Applications: UM-8D6 inhibits homotypic aggregation, adhesion to matrix proteins and migation through matrigel (1).  This antibody can inhibit homotypic induction of MMP (Matrix metalloproteinase), as well as cyclophilin mediated chemotactic resposes  (4).  It has been shown to inhibit proliferation of stimulated T cells in vitro (7). UM-8D6 is recommended for use in Western blot at 0.1 - 1 ug/ml (5).  It works on acetone fixed frozen section IHC (6).


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Form: FITC
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Alternate Name: EMMPRIN, Neurothelin, basigin
Clone: UM-8D6
Applications: FC, IP(2), WB(5), IHC(6)


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