Human IgG1k from human myeloma plasma is used as a negative control(1,2) for work involving human IgG1 isotype antibodies or recombinant proteins.

The molecular weight of this myeloma derived protein has varied for some lots; running at about 135 kD in SDS-PAGE, compared to the expected 150 kD for normal human IgG1.  This was due to a smaller heavy chain, which ran at approximately 40 kD when reduced.



1) J Shen, PS Low, et al. (2014) J Leuk Biol 96: 563-570. PMID: 25015955

2) C E Green, S I Simon, et al.(2003) Am J Physiol - Cell Physiol 284(3): C705-C717.

3) S Watanabe, S G Vasudevan, et al.(2015) J Virol 89(11): 5847-61.

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Form: Pur/PF
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Alternate Name: huIgG1k, human IgG1 kappa
Clone: Myeloma


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