Human CD32 exists in at least six isoforms originating from three different genes (Fc gamma RII A, B, and C) .  The CD32 molecule is a low affinity receptor for immune complexed IgG and has signal-transducing capabilities involved with humoral and cell-mediated immune responses.

Isotype: Murine IgG1k

Immunogen: Human K562 tumor cells and L cells transfected with human Fc gamma RII

Specificity: Antibody 7.3 reacts with a domain 2 epitope of all CD32 isoforms (1). It exhibits preferential binding to  Fc gRIIb (inhibitory) isoform transfectants(2, 5).

Functional Application: Intact and F(ab‘)2  7.3 antibody blocks immune complex binding (4).  Incubation with anti-CD32 F(ab‘)2 inhibits Fibrocyte differentiation(6), and inhibits pro inflammatory cytokine secretion by SLE patient derived monocytes (7).


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