Expression of human CD25 (the alpha subunit of the IL-2 receptor complex) is dramatically upregulated on activated T cells, B cells, NK cells and macrophages (3).  Antibodies to CD25 are being studied for potential use as an immunodirected therapy to selectively attack (kill) CD25 expressing cells (4).

Isotype: Murine IgG2a

Immunogen: Stimulated PBMC

Specificity: Antibody  7G7B6 recognizes epitope B of the IL-2 alpha receptor of about 55 kd (1,6).

Functional  Application: Antibody 7G7B6 does not block IL-2 binding to its receptor (1).


1.   L.A. Rubin, et al, (1985)  Hybridoma  4:91-102.

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Form: R-PE
Size: 120 tests
Alternate Name: IL-2R α, TAC, p55
Clone: 7G7B6
Applications: FC, IHC(2)


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