Human CD19 is a B cell restricted membrane protein expressed from early stages of B cell development and associates with the antigen receptor complex (1).  CD19 is involved in the regulation of B cell proliferation but eventually disappears from plasma cells.

Isotype: Murine IgG1

Immunogen: Human EB-4 Burkitt lymphoma cell line

Specificity: Antibody BU12 recognizes the CD19 molecule of about 95 kd (2).

Functional Application: Antibody BU12 induces adhesion of B cells (3).


1.  D.T. Fearon & R.H. Carter, (1995) Annu Rev Immunol  13: 127-149.

2.  Leukocyte Typing V (S.F. Schlossman, et al, eds.) Oxford University Press, Oxford, (1995) p. 507-511.

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4. G.S. Ingle, et al (2008) Br J Haematol 140(1): 46-58.

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