Human CD133 is a 117kd pentaspan transmembrane glycoprotein expressed by a subset of hematopoetic and other types of stem cells found in blood and a variety of tissues. Increased expression of CD133 may be a predictor of decreased prognosis in patients with metastatic cancer(3).

Isotype: Mouse IgG1k

Immunogen: WERI-Rb-1 retinoblastoma

Specificity: Antibody ANC9C5 recognizes epitope 1 of human CD133(AC133) present on full length CD133 transfectants, Y-79 retinoblastoma, and other cell types.

Functional Application:  Antibody ANC9C5 has been used to image cancer stem cells in a colon carcinoma xenograft (4).


1) Miraglia S, Buck DW, et al. (1997) Blood 90(12): 5013-5021.

2) Shmelkov SV, Rafii S, et al. (2005) Int J Biochem Cell Biol 37(4): 715-9.

3) Mehra N, Voest EE, et al. (2006) Clin Canc Res 12(16): 4859-66.

4) Jin ZH, Fuibayashi Y, et al. (2012) Mol Imaging 11: 445-50. PMID: 23084245.

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Alternate Name: AC133, Prominin, PROML1, PROM1
Clone: ANC9C5
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