CD244 (2B4, SLAMF4) is a 66 kD member of the CD2/SLAM related receptor family (SRR).  It is expressed on NK (3), Tcell subsets, monocytes and eosinophils(4).  It is expressed at high levels on Leuikemia initiating cells, and plays a role in their proliferative potential (5). In mice there are two transcription variants, a long form and a short form of CD244 each of which have distinct signaling properties.  In humans, only the long form is expressed.   Decreased CD244 expression on monocytes of SLE patients correlated (negatively) with autoantibody titer(2).  CD244 mediated function in immune response can vary greatly dependant on the context of its ligation. 

Antibody ANC244.3 binds to recombinant CD244-muIg (cat #544-020) in EIA, and to cell surface CD244 on human PBL in FACS.  ANC244.3 binds to a CD244 epitope that is distinct from the binding sites of clone ANC244.8 (cat #239-020) and clone C1.7.


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Clone: ANC2B4/3B12
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