CD47 important in TCR Immune synapse

The CD47 – along with its ligand, SIRP alpha are now recognized as an important  regulatory element of innate immune function.  (1).  CD47 is described as a “don’t eat me” signal. However, it appears that CD47, along with Intraflagellar Transport Proteins 20 and 57 (IFT 20, IFT 57) are also involved in T cell receptor immune synapse (2).

1)  “The CD47-SIRPa signaling axis as an innate immune checkpoint in cancer” HL Matlung, TK van den Berg, et al. (Mar 2017) Immunol Rev 276(1): 145-164.  PMID: 28258703

2)  “CD47 is Required for Activation and Clustering of the TCR/CD3/Intraflagellar Transport Complex to the Immune Synapse“ A Nugoooru, DD Roberts, et al. (April 2017) FASEB J 31(1): supple 601.5.