Neutrophil Trogocytosis blocked by Ancell anti-CD18 mAb and F(ab’)2 reagents in a CD47-SIRPa checkpoint disrupted model

The use of Neutrophils from FERMT3 patients elucidated the requirement of kindlen3-CD18 interaction for synapse formation and trogocytosis of antibody opsinized SIRPa-CD47 checkpoint disruped cancer cells in vitro.

Kindlin3-Dependent CD11b/CD18-Integrin Activation IsRequired for Potentiation of Neutrophil Cytotoxicity byCD47–SIRPa Checkpoint Disruption”

Panagiota Bouti, Timo K. van den Berg, et al. (Dec 2020) Cancer Immunology Research Priority Brief ; PMID: 33355195 DOI: 10.1158/2326-6066.CIR-20-0491


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