INFORMATION: Human CD155 (Polio Virus Receptor, PVR, Necl-5) is a 70 kd type I Ig superfamily molecule (1).1 It is involved in formation of intracellular junctions between epithelial cells.  Its ligands include CD226(DNAM-1), and CD96(TACTILE).  CD155 expression by tumor has been shown to be upregulated by Nitric Oxide(2). A soluble version of CD155 has been shown to exist (4). High CD155 expression has recently been exploited to use engineered poliovirus to treat glioblastoma. (3)

Isotype:  Mouse IgG1k

Specificity:  Antibody ANC2B2 binds to cell surface CD155 on U-937 cells, and binds to recombinant CD155 in EIA.

Antibodies ANC2B2 and ANC6A3 (Catalog # 350-020) each bind to distict epitopes of CD155 and are suitable as a matched pair for sandwich EIA.


1)  Medelsohn CL, Racaniello VR, et al. (1989) Cell 56(5): 855-65. 

2) C Fionda, M Cippitelli, et al. (2015) BMC Cancer 15(1):17  PMID 25609078.

3) Gromeier M, Bigner D, et al. (2014) Neuro-Oncology 16(supp3): iii41.

4) Baury B, MG Denis, et al. (2003)  Biochem Biophys Res Comm 309: 175-82.

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Catalog #: 255-820
Form: Pur/PF
Size: 100 µg
Alternate Name: Poliovirus Recdeptor, PVR, Necl-5
Clone: ANC2B2
Applications: EIA, FC


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