INFORMATION: The FOXP3 molecule is a 50–55 kD transcription factor also known as IPEX, JM2, Forkhead box 3, and Scurfin.  Defects in this gene can result in lethal autoimmune disease (2). When used with cell surface markers CD4 and CD25(IL-2R), FOXP3 is a useful marker for identifying T regulatory cells. Functionally, FOXP3 is thought to mediate oxidative phosphorylation, enabling Treg to function in a lower oxygen environment (3).

In EIA, clone ANCFX2D7 binds to full length recombinant FOXP3 and to a FOXP3(R1-R3) construct (aa 1–198) but not to a FOXP3(R1) construct (aa 1-70), suggesting that its epitope is within  regions 2 and 3 (aa 71–198). 

ANCFX2D7 binds to nuclear FOXP3 found constitutively in a 0.5 – 3% sub population of fixed, permeabolized CD4+ peripheral blood lymphoid cells in FACS.

FOXP3 References:  

1) G Roncador, A H Banham, et al. (2005) Eur J Immunol 35(6): 1681-1691. PMID: 15902688.

2) S Hori, S Sakaguchi, (2004) Microbes and Infection 6(8): 745-751.

3) U H Beier, W W Hancock, et al. (2016) J Immunol 196(1 suppl 211.3).

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Catalog #: 333-030
Form: Biotin
Size: 100 µg
Alternate Name: Forkhead box P3, Scurfin, JM2, IPEX
Applications: FC, EIA
Clone: ANCFX2D7


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