INFORMATION: Human CD66b (CEACAM8, CGMb, NCA-95, CD67) is a 95kD member of the Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA) group. It is expressed on granulocytes and functions as an adhesion molecule.  Similar to the CD66 a, c, and d isoforms, engagement of CD66b on neutrophils causes increased adhesion to endothelial cells (2).  Crosslinking CD66b on neutrophils with antibodies triggers IL-8 release (3).


1) W.N. Khan, S. Hammarstrom, et al. (1992) Genomics 14(2):384-90. 

2) K.M. Skubitz, A.P. Skubitz, et al. (1996) J Leuk Biol 60(1): 106-117.  

3) A.K. Schroder, L Rink, et al. (2006) Human Immunol 67(9): 676-682.

Antibody from clone ANC4A4 binds to CD66b on the cell surface of human PMN in Flow cytometry and works as an EIA capture reagent for recombinant CD66b utilizing either clone ANC1D5(Cat #217-030) or ANC3C5(Cat# 219-030) as a detection reagent.

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