Human CD66b (CEACAM8, CGMb, NCA-95, CD67) is a 95kD member of the Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA) group. It is expressed on granulocytes and functions as an adhesion molecule.  Similar to the CD66 a, c, and d isoforms, engagement of CD66b on neutrophils causes increased adhesion to endothelial cells (2).  Crosslinking CD66b on neutrophils with antibodies triggers IL-8 release (3).


1) W.N. Khan, S. Hammarstrom, et al. (1992) Genomics 14(2):384-90. 

2) K.M. Skubitz, A.P. Skubitz, et al. (1996) J Leuk Biol 60(1): 106-117.  

3) A.K. Schroder, L Rink, et al. (2006) Human Immunol 67(9): 676-682.

Antibody from clone ANC1D5 binds to CD66b on the cell surface of human PMN in Flow cytometry and detects recombinant CD66b in sandwich EIA utilizing either clone ANC4A4(Cat #220-020) or ANC3C5(Cat# 219-020) as a capture reagent.  Clone ANC1D5 may cross react with other CD66 isoforms, as it also binds to cell surface of an epithelial tumor line.

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Catalog #: 217-020
Form: Pur/WA
Size: 100 µg
Alternate Name: CEACAM8, CGMb, NCA-95, CD67
Clone: ANC1D5
Applications: FC, EIA(detect)


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