Human CD272 (BTLA, B and T Lymphocyte Attenuator) is a member of the Immunoglobulin superfamily and has sequence homology to PD-1 and CTLA4.  It is expressed on T and  B lymphocytes and other hemopoetic lineages.  Engagement of this molecule by its ligand, CD270(HVEM, a TNF superfamily member) can down regulate activated T and B cell responses. CD272 levels on antigen specific CD8+ T cells have been reported to decrease in viral specific, but not melanoma specific activated lines (1).  Polymorphism of the CD272 molecule has been linked to rheumatoid arthritis (3).

Antibodies ANC6E9(cat #272-020) and ANC5A5(cat #372-020) each bind to a distinct epitope of CD272 and are suitable as a matched pair for EIA (see attachment).

Isotype: Murine IgG1k

Immunogen: Recombinant extracellular human CD272

Specificity: Antibody from clone ANC5A5 binds to CD272 on the cell surface of human PBMC in Flow cytometry, and to recombinant CD272-muIg (cat #542-020) in EIA.

Functional Application: Antibody ANC5A5 does not block binding of Biotinylated CD270(HVEM)-muIg(cat #531-030) to CD272-muIg in EIA, but appears to enhance this interaction. 


1) Derre’ L, DE Speiser, et al. (2010) J Clin Invest 120(1):157-167. 

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Catalog #: 372-820
Form: Pur/PF
Size: 100µg
Alternate Name: BTLA, B and T Lymphocyte Attenuator
Clone: ANC5A5
Applications: FC, EIA(detector)


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