Human DR3 (TRAMP, LARD) was redesignated TNF receptor superfamily member 25. TL1A is a ligand which can induce apoptosis through a cytoplasmic death domain similar to the CD178-CD95 (FasL-Fas) interaction.  Alternatively, engagement of DR3 on T cells can synergize with other activating signals to enhance IFN g production.

Recombinant DR3-muIg binds to recombinant TL1A in EIA.

Molecular Structure:   A soluble fusion protein combining the extracellular (150aa) domain of human DR3 and murine IgG2a Fc and hinge region (233aa), with a predicted monomeric molecular weight of 42.9 kd. 

N-teminal sequence: (27) GTRSP

Transfectant Cell Line:   CHO  


(1) A Kaptein, et al. (2000) FEBS Lett 485:135.

(2) T Migone, et al. (2002) Immunity 16:479.

(3) S Targin, et al. (2004) 172: 7002.

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Form: Biotin
Size: 25 µg
Alternate Name: TRAMP, LARD, TNFRSF25
Applications: EIA


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